Country Hymns

by Peter Willie Youngtree

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Debut release from St. John's singer-songwriter Peter Willie Youngtree, featuring a host of fantastic musicians. A forty-two minute Country/Roots/Folk journey.


released September 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Peter Willie Youngtree St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Peter Willie Youngtree's debut album has made Top 10 and Top 30 Earshot! charts eight times, was long-listed for the Borealis Music Prize, and was called one of the best local albums of the year. He tours in Canada frequently, recently performing alongside folk icon Jennifer Castle. Exclaim! magazine, described his "vividly written songs that recall classic Country-Rock figures like Gram Parsons." ... more

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Track Name: Shadows of Leaves Dancing on Your Skin
These hardwood floors, they feel too new
I remember lying down on the floorboards with you
Staring up at the roof and it had a bird's nest in the beams
But we boxed them in with ceiling tiles and I've learned to quiet my dreams

You moved up in the world and I guess I moved up, too
The wages laid before our eyes were too big to refuse
And we all dream of success but no one dreams of the cost
Until you wind up holding your money like a lover, but all your love is lost

So Becky, darling, won't you come in here and lay with me
Why do you spend all your time up in the conservatory?
Reading books and working late, honey, you know I'll stay up all night
If I can just watch your body basking in the morning light

Now for all of out money, we built an empty home
But you're the kind of woman that I will wait for too long
And when you come home tired and you tuck yourself in,
You don't know but I lie awake to watch the shadows of the leaves dancing on your skin
Track Name: Oh, My Companion
You've got my heart
even when you're not around
Your soul has become a home for mine
So I've got no other conclusion to make that this:
We are forever bound

I believe in something,
something that lies just beyond where we think
So you can believe that I am sincere
When I say you are something to me
Beyond some fool's dream

Darlin' I'm not sad if your heart's not with me right now
Your wandering heart, it still is pure
And if you don't feel me with you when I am away
That's alright - I'll be returning

Oh, my companion,
we can be only what we are
Though we may not always meet each other
That don't really matter so much because
We are forever bound
Track Name: Beauty, Just the Same
I hate and love the world, like I hate and love my father,
Like I hate and love myself, and I sure do love to bother
To spend my time a-thinking about these sensations that I have
And where the feeling comes from when I get so sad

Yes, I hate and love my father, like I hate and love the world,
Like I hate and love myself, but sometimes I think a girl
Could make me feel so happy, I could love her right and true
But I know, in my heart, I'll hate her probably in a year or two

I hate and love the world, like I hate and love myself,
Like I hate and love my father, who kept his love on the shelf
And spent his time a-drinking, being mad as mad can be
And cheating on my mother, who was so good to me

Somebody told me there's a great light that's headed our way
And if she ain't lying to me, maybe I will decide to stay
But sometimes the world gets so ugly, I feel like boozing my time away
But these moments of beauty they keep on shining through

And now I'm sitting in a forest that's been cut at for so long
And I can feel it crying for its brethren who have gone
And I know it's full of sadness, and I know who's to blame
In a culture steeped in madness there is beauty, just the same

...I hate and love the world, like I hate and love myself,
like I hate and love the father, son, and ghost and everything else
'Cause there's joy and there's despair, there's pain and then there's love,
There's sadness and there's beauty in every one of us
Track Name: Standing on the Road, Kicking Gravel
All the grasses blow together when the Western Wind it comes
One don't move while another is still, no, that's not how this goes
One will lean and the other will bend, so one don't believe it's two
So how did I end up on the side of this road, kicking gravel, without you?

All the leaves descend together in the autumn of the year
One don't fall without word from another that it will be down soon
Yet her I am still clinging tight, like a leaf, to an old dead tree -
Out of place and out of sorts, believing in something that only used to be

You and I, we moved together free and easy as the wind
I'd take a leap and then you'd take a leap, then you'd twirl and then I'd spin
But then I fell down hard and you stood upright, so tall and so proud
And just like that, I broke my back and you walked on in the crowd

Well, I never dreamed I'd see you walking away like that
So light and free and easy, while I was so heavy and hard -
No, I never dreamed you'd leave me, my best friend, in so much hurt
We were things that moved together, now I lie still and alone in the dirt

... As for those who say that two things bound can never be alone,
I wonder if they took notice of how moss grows upon a stone
Track Name: Spring Mountain
Up on Spring Mountain,
We lay together under a big sky
Up on Spring Mountain

And I brought a blanket
You showed me Leo, and inside him, Mars
Up on Spring Mountain

And the clouds made a circle
Above our eyes
Up on Spring Mountain

Up on the rooftop,
We lay down over city lights,
Up on the rooftop

And in the skyline
You showed me shapes I never saw before
Up on the rooftop

And the clouds, they came rolling in
Just above our heads
Up on the rooftop

And I said, "Oh, darling don't them clouds
look just like they did
that time when we lied up high on top of Spring Mountain?"

Then a flash of light lit up your face
And I just thought, "My Christ, you're pretty."
Then I touched your hair and it was soft, like lace,
As rain pissed down on the city
And we both felt electricity rushing through our bodies
Like it did up on Spring Mountain
Track Name: Without Bounds
Who told us everything has a purpose?
How inconceivable such a thing is to me.
Purposeless beauty is all we see:

A will-less creation that serves no thing,
like the swell of the ocean that happens upon land -
Wordless beauty of waves on sand.

And it's just like that, how we happen,
How we think and feel and move.
It's just like those waves that crash upon the shore;
A circumstance, a happening, nothing more.

So why try to make your life
serve something greater,
beyond that which is already served
by being here, like the ocean swell,
that breaks and falls
and finds beauty,
without bounds?
Track Name: Forces of Nature
You say the natural world don't have much effect on you,
that your will is greater than the things surrounding you
But your will is just part of the forces of nature,
so the forces of nature are always working on you.

And you think that your mind is all held within,
you believe in the boundary where the air meets your skin,
But your skin and the air are the forces of nature,
so the forces of nature are living in you.

And you believe that your troubles are yours alone to bear,
but the troubles over there, my friend, are the troubles right here.
Yes, that poisoned lake is our minds gone insane -
it's us in the forces of nature.

And your eyes are as much your eyes as the light is
And your ears hear from the same source as the sound.
It's a turning, the seeds scatter the ground -
one big yearning.

Still you exert that will on the world around you,
but that world is your will and that will it is you,
and that you is that world, so where exactly is you?
Where are you in the forces of nature?

We fail to see what's most basic about us -
everything we are is a reflection.
And our feelings and thoughts are just playing their part
as expressions of the forces of nature.

It's a delusion so engrained, yes how deep it runs,
that it looks like the truth to the Mother and the Son,
and the Father and Daughter are as fooled as anyone,
fooled by the forces of nature.

And the fool is as much the fool as the wise one.
And the wise become wise from the same source as the fool.
It's a turning, the flower moves through the fuse -
one great big yearning.
Track Name: Prayer for Our Enemies
I'm going to let my enemies become my friends.

Listen to the one that tells you
your life is going to work out fine.
Likewise, listen when the other one tells you
you're going to lose yourself in the by and by.

You've got to let your enemies become your friends.

When problems they fall down upon us,
it often feels like they won't lift.
I know it's hard to see, but we really ought to -
How each one of those problems becomes a gift.

We've got to let our enemies become our friends.

Listen to me, everyone, know each part of yourself.
Let them stay close by 'cause they're not going anywhere else.
Some parts get so harsh and some parts you'll despise,
But you'll learn to love them by and by.

I'm going to let my enemies become my friends.
Track Name: Autumn in New Mexico
The leaves that were green turn to gold
In the fall of the year in New Mexico
It's not hard to see the beauty in a canyon of a desert valley

It's in the still autumn trees, it's in the still autumn grass,
It's in the still autumn air

The wood pile is high outside the door,
endlessly waiting to keep an old man warm;
it's not hard to see the beauty outside his door.

It's in the old man's eyes, it's in the old man's hands,
It's in the old man's life.
It's in the still autumn trees, it's in the still autumn sky.

And the sky that was still turns to grey -
Mean rain's coming; mean lightning's a-comin'
It's not hard to see the beauty in a storm in a desert valley

It's in the fierce autumn night, it's in the flash of light
that set fire to the trees.
It's on the burning mountain.

And the leaves of gold fall to the ground
The wind blows through them to make their sweet sound
And their golden movement beneath our toes.

...It's not hard to see the beauty